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Be Well is a community-focused on supporting and inspiring women to take stock, process and re*caliberate their purpose

To be accepted, applicants must be women with leadership positions in technical and professional fields. Be Well is the only organization designed to support rising women leaders in strategizing today, “HOW” they will impact change tomorrow

The Happiness Club and How it Works

The Club’s Membership services include Be Well’s critically-acclaimed peer group experience, events and workshops designed to connect and inspire, a growing digital platform, & elegantly appointed pop-up events as well as group trips. members are people who have made a decision to be intentional in their pursuit of happiness.

Be Well curates core groups of 10 members based on the Be Well Happiness Assessment. These groups meet once a month to confidentially work through challenges with a dedicated guide — a professional facilitator experienced in identifying, aligning and achieving Happiness Goals.

The Club Benefits

  • With the help of your peer group and guide, members are held accountable for their wellness goals ensuring that members are successful.
  • The Happiness Club will provide curated wellness tools,, that may include online/digital journals, the assessments, memberships to certain health clubs, access to nutritionists etc.
  • The Club will provide personalized program experiences for the individual member and their peer group interests.
  • Alongside our Wellness Conferences and Seminars that feature the creative and innovative thinker in each of our eight dimensions. Including Financial Advisors, Relationship Experts, Life Coaches, Personal brand strategists etc

The Happiness Club Social Events include unique variations on the following:

  • Supper Clubs,Poetry Readings and Spoken Word, Super Bowl Parties.,Affinity Clubs within the Club
  • Private View Invitations to the most sought after Art Exhibitions/Fashion Collections
  • Summer cocktails and concerts in the garden
  • Coffee and Tea Tastings
  • Cooking lessons from some of the best culinary talent
  • Matchmaking with the up and coming startups and many more opportunities to socialize with other like-minded members and guests.

Be well members are senior leaders from companies including:

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