Personal Wellness Assessment with 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I maintain a desirable weight.
I engage in vigorous exercises for over 30 minutes a day (i.e. brisk walking, cycling) up to 5 times a week and strengthening exercises 2 or more days a week.
I get 7-­­8 hours of sleep each night and awake feeling refreshed.
I listen to my body; when there is something wrong, I seek professional advice.
I abstain from drug abuse both over the counter (OTC) and illicit.
I responsibly use alcohol. (i.e. designating sober drivers and avoiding binge drinking).
I know my important health numbers: cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, body weight, etc.
I protect my skin from sun damage by using sunscreen, wearing hats, and/or avoiding tanning booths and sun lamps.
I eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily and drink water regularly.
I protect myself from STDs or unwanted pregnancy by either abstaining from sexual behavior or using proper protection such as condoms.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I am able to ask for assistance when I need it, from either friends and family, or professionals.
I am able to recognize the stressors in my life and have ways to reduce those stressors.
I accept responsibility for my own actions.
I am able to set priorities.
I try to avoid chronic worry and I am not usually suspicious of others.
I feel good about myself and believe others like me for who I am.
I am flexible and adapt or adjust to life's challenges in a positive way.
I can express all ranges of feelings (i.e. hurt, sadness, fear, anger, and joy) and manage related behaviors in a healthy way.
I maintain balance of work, family, friends, and other obligations.
I do not let my emotions get the better of me and I think before I act.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I balance work with play and other aspects of my life.
I take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills, which will enhance my future employment possibilities.
I know what skills are necessary for the occupations I am interested in.
I strive to develop good work habits. (Examples: punctuality, dependability, and initiative).
Enjoyment is a consideration I use when choosing a possible career.
I work effectively with others.
I am developing the necessary skills to achieve my career goals.
I have confidence in my job search skills (resume writing, interviewing, etc.).
I have explored different career options.
I know where to find employment if needed. (job service, online resources)
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I am concerned about environmental pollution and actively try to preserve and protect natural resources.
If I see a safety hazard, I take the steps to fix the problem.
I reduce, reuse, and recycle products.
I live with the awareness of wholeness and the interconnectedness of all living systems.
I use both sides of the paper when taking class notes or doing assignments.
I have adopted water saving habits (i.e. I try not to leave the faucet running too long when I wash dishes, brush my teeth, shave, or bathe).
I participate in campus events that help my community. (Food drives, fundraisers, planting trees, disaster relief, Habitat for Humanity).
I spend time outdoors enjoying nature.
I use ecologically friendly products (i.e. eco-­­friendly cleaning supplies, organic products, energy efficient appliances), whenever possible.
I walk, bike, use public transportation or carpool.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I am involved in at least one university or community group.
I plan time with family and friends.
I enjoy the time I spend with others.
I respect the diversity of others (i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, or sexual orientation).
I give priority to my own needs by saying 'no' to others' requests of me when applicable.
I participate in a wide variety of social activities and enjoy being with people who are different than me.
I try to be a "better person" and work on behaviors that have caused problems in my interactions with others
I have someone I can talk to about my private feelings.
I consider how what I say might be perceived by others before I speak.
I give and take equally in cooperative relationships.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I have a deep appreciation for the depth of life, death and understanding universal human connection or consciousness.
I recognize that there are many spiritual paths and that every spiritual tradition recognizes and teaches basic precepts or laws of wise and conscious human conduct while seeking qualities of altruism, optimism, hope and forgiveness.
I integrate my "spiritual practice" within everyday life of work, family and relationships.
I make time for relaxation in my day
I take time alone to think about what's important in life -­­ who I am, what I value, where I fit in, and where I'm going.
I have faith in a greater power, be it a God-­­like force, or something else.
I work for peace in my interpersonal relationships, in my community, and in the world at large
My values guide my decisions and actions.
I have a sense of purpose in my life.
I am accepting of the views of others.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I seek personal growth by learning new skills.
I listen to ideas different from my own and const social, cultural, age, gender, religion, sexual orie ethical, and political issues. antly re---­­examine my judgments on ntation, race, disability, national origin,ethical, and political issues.
I look for ways to use my creativity and critical thinking skills.
I am open to new ideas.
I keep informed about social, political and/or current issues.
I watch educational programs on television ever documentaries, public TV, or the Discovery chann y week, (News, political discussions, el).
I learn about different topics that interest me from books, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.
Before making decisions, I gather facts.
I know about available campus resources in my area of study
I know how to access academic resources when necessary.
Rarely, if EverSometimesMost of the timeAlways
I always have the money for what I need.
I review my bank statements when I receive them.
I pay all of my bills on time.
I balance or reconcile my bank accounts regularly.
I keep my Social Security Card or Number in a secure place.
I save part of my income every time I receive any money (from work, family, gifts, or refunds of any kind).
I pay my credit card bill off completely every month.
I check my credit report to look for any errors (TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax).
I follow a spending plan every month.
Every time I get a new Debit card I change the PIN (Personal Identification Number).

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